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EXCURSION to HIMALAYAS was started in 2008 and over the years it has evolved to one of the most sought and reliable Bhutanese Tour Operator and Travel Agents in Bhutan. Whenever we think of our holiday Adventure, we think of a place worthy of our time and investment. Bhutan is the most elusive place on the planet with its unparalleled peace and tranquility augmented by her unique intact cultures and pristine natural environment. It is synonymously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. It debunks the theory of Gross Domestic Products and Champions the Development Philosophy of Gross National Happiness. It is a very teensy haven shrouded at the apex of the Himalayas inhibited by just over 0.7 Million people. It is the youngest Democracy in the world and the only independent Mahayana Nation that has been never conquered in the History. If you are to explore this mystic land of Happiness, you need the assistance of an expert who knows the country like the back of their palm and provide the service that would make you feel home away from home. The Excursion to Himalayas is the most obvious Escort that you can turn on and aid you in offering you the most exclusive memories from Bhutan. We are the best at what we do and we put our clients before all our priorities. With us you get the best from Bhutan and your safety is ensured without any compromises. Are you looking for adventure, fun, nature, flora and fauna, landscapes; relaxation, peace and tranquility? You name it and you shall be closely introduced to it at your own leisure. We are the superlative of all and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have championed in giving you the most tantalizing experience of Bhutan and you would know only when you realize that you are Addicted into Bhutan. Discover this Enchantingly Elusive Land of Bhutan through the Excursion to Himalayas. We offer our humble service fortified with luxury experience. You can contact us at

Featured Bhutan Tours 2017

Bhutan Photography Tour

Bhutan Photography Tour

Attraction: Villages, Monasteries & Temples Tour Type: Photography Duration: 8 Days Starting From: $1615.00

Bhutan Birding Tour

Bhutan Birding Tour

Attraction: Farmlands, River & Forest and valleys. Tour Type : Bird Watching Duration: 7 Days Starting From: $1390.00

Royal Heritage Tour

Royal Heritage Tour of Bhutan

Attraction: Royal Palaces & Forts around the kingdom of Bhutan and the footprints of 5 Kings.

Tour Type : Cultural and Heritage

Tour Duration: 8 Days

Tour Cost Starts from $2755.00 per person

Bhutan Visa Information

HOW TO APPLY BHUTAN VISA? All visitor travelling Bhutan need Visa except for Indian,Bangladesh and Maldives national.Please be informed that no foreign embassies/ Missions/Agencies can issue Visa for Bhutan except the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan.You need to contact a Bhutan local Tour operator like us for Bhutan Visa. The Visa fees would be USD 40.00 per person Read More

Passport: A valid passport is required for travel to Bhutan and the validity of the passport should be minimum 6 months.


Bhutan Flights?

1.Bhutan Airlines: This is new private airline in the country. Bhutan airlines being the new airlines flies to limited destination. Their flying destination are as follows:

  • Paro to Bangkok flight
  • Paro to Kolkata flight
  • Paro to Kathmandu flight
  • Paro to Delhi(from September 2015)

You can also browse through their website at

2. Drukair: This is the oldest airline in Bhutan with multiple flying destination. The drukair schedule are as follows:

  • Paro to Bangkok flight
  • Paro to Kolkata flight
  • Paro to Kathmandu flight
  • Paro to Bagladesh flight
  • Paro to Mumbai flight
  • Paro to Singapore flight
  • Paro to Delhi flight

You can also browse through their website at

Best time to Travel Bhutan

WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL BHUTAN? Bhutan is considered all year round destination but best month would be March,April,May,September,October and November because this months are full of festival with absolute favorable weather.

Local Guides of BHUTAN: We have nearly 2000 plus trained guide with license issued by Tourism Council of Bhutan and among them we use most experienced and above 30 years of age who knows nooks and corner of Bhutan.


Things to do in Bhutan

Shopping Handicraft Shopping: You can visit Lungta Handicraft situated in the middle of the town in Thimphu. Archery Shop. Stamps Buying.

Photography Tour: Best in the month of April and October.The best group for this tour would be 4 to 7 people.We have veteran birding tour guide who will lead this group for photography tour in and around Bhutan.Find Tour for Bhutan Photography Tour

Top Cultural Tour:

Magical Kingdom Tour

Journey to Last Shangrilla

Festival Tour 2016:

Bhutan Naked Dance Festival in Bumthang  2016

Thimphu Festival Tour 2016

Bhutanese Restaurant: During your free time you can also visit good restaurant where you can taste the Bhutanse dish. Bhutan Kitchen,The Bhutanese are few restaurant in Thimphu where you get the best food in the town.

Entertainment: If you are the party lover you can visit this nightlife disco hall.

  • Mojo Park where live music is performed by the local artist.
  • Khujuluyang local dance performer
  • Cinema Hall :watch local movies
  • Om Pub: Enjoy the drink with local musician
  • Hubs: Enjoy the music with locals
  • The Zone: Best burgers in the town with beers.
  • Karoake at Ace Club.

Bhutan Tour Cost and Travel Information

Tourist visiting Bhutan have to pay the fixed tariff of USD 250 per person per night. This fixed tariff have confused many of our travelers thinking that the daily tariff is apart from the other expenses. This tariff is inclusive of all meals, All sightseeing,transportation,Guide,royalty,Government Taxes etc.Low season tariff is USD 200 per person per night. High Season Month are March,April,May,September,October and November. Low Season months are December,January,February,June,July and August. for more information please visit Bhutan Travel Information


Bhutan Tours

Bhutan is one of the ten hot spot places in the world for holidays. The 75% of countries land is covered with forest and is one of the unexplored destination in the world. It’s a Himalayan Kingdom where tradition and culture still plays the vital role in the daily life of the Bhutanese People.Experience the authentic Bhutan with us:

Magical Kingdom Tours 6 nights and 7 Days

Journey to the Last Shangrilla 11 nights 12 Days

Historic Central Bhutan Tour 10 nights and 11 days

Glimpse of Bhutan 4 nights and 5 Days

Bhutan Journey of Distinction 14 nights and 15 Days.


Bhutan Trekking GUIDE

Bhutan being the mountainous country has the advantage of most beautiful trekking routes in the country. Tourist not only enjoy the trek but also the short hike and walking tours offered through the village and siren environment. Following Treks are recommended for the Trekkers.

Best Months for Trekking in Bhutan: March,April,September and October.


  Happiness is forever in our hearts and we will definitely visit Bhutan again.
– Cherie & Kelly, October 2012

  Excursion to Himalayas one of the good travel agent I would suggest.”.

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