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Why travel with Excursion to Himalayas!

Why Travel Bhutan with Us?

1. Our Expertise and Reliability:
All our trip advisors and tour guides are qualified with at least 5 years of guiding experience and insightful knowledge of Bhutan travel and Trekking information, so the trips and travel information that we provide are not merely based on guidebooks or heard from others, but come from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local guides and experience.

2. Certainly Flexible and Accommodating Itineraries:
We always try our best to make our trips as flexible as possible, so that our customers are not confined by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible. We just give your trip structure and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it as much as possible.We help our clients to experience the authentic Bhutan and not only the touristic areas.

3. 24/7 Services:
When traveling with us, we are always at the end of phone for 24/7, things happen as a part of an adventure, but you are never alone and Explore Tibet family will look after you.

4. Practice of Responsible travel:
We support local community by using local services, volunteering in local villages, and always trying our best to minimize negative impacts on our environment and culture, so traveler responsibly and act locally is our priority vision. We serve our community with utmost dedication.

5.Immediate response

Our company is specialized in providing a prompt response to our client. We believe in “client first” and always give utmost priority in responding to client with queries about our company and services that we provide. We also ensure that we give personal attention to individual client who travel with us.

6.Best service

With the motto “Humbling Service” we ensure that our clients are content and satisfied with our services and we put their safety and incredible experience of traveling with us as our target over profit generation. We focus in building long term relationship with our client through our excellent hospitality, so they remember us in their next trip.

7.High quality accommodation

In Bhutan we are affiliated with high quality accommodation that is approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We provide best accommodations worth the expenditure of our clients as we have close connection with most of the resorts and hotels in Bhutan and not only that even some of best farm house in the country for client who wish to experience rural farm stay including hot stone bath, local Bhutanese cuisine. It not only gives our client home feel stay but benefit local community as well. We are flexible with travel itinerary. We provide option for every budget and travel style.

8.Great Vehicle and guides

We have our own sets of imported Japanese luxury cars ready to travel with local, expert and English speaking team of guides and drivers who know about every nook and corner of the country and are professional and have deep cultural knowledge about every destination. Our team has years of experience in trekking and hiking as well as medically trained in first aid uses. We practice responsible travel with best use of vehicle and transportation with family like guide.

7 best Reason to travel Bhutan.

Carbon Negative Country: Forest cover in Bhutan is 72% and you can breath in the fresh air everywhere you travel for sightseeing.

Safe to travel Bhutan: Its one of the safest destination to explore and crime rates in Bhutan is very low.

Well preserved Tradition and culture: The tradition and culture of Bhutan is still kept alive.

Rich Cultural Heritage: Most of the places are untouched and heritage are well preserved.

Kind and helpful people: People are very kind and generous in times of need and they don’t mind offering you meals if you really need.

Low volume and high impact tourism rule: Tourist flow in Bhutan is very low due to daily tariff and this controls the mass tourism in Bhutan. This also regulates the best services rendered to the tourist visiting Bhutan.

Only GNH Country in the world: Countries only aim is to see people happy and Bhutan is the only country in the world which measure the development through the happiness of the people.