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Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan is a country with lots of festivals celebrated in and around the country at different time of the year both secular and religious ones.The national day,birthday of Druk Gyalpo,coronation day,new year celebration are different one for each region or community.The most popular religious festivals are Dromchhe,and Tshechus where mask Dance are held annually in different parts of the country in different bhutanese calender.Bhutan festival is celebrated on 10th day of the month which is considered auspicious by the Bhutanese people.This is the time like Christmas in other western countries where all the family member gather from all over the places to celebrate this special occasion.They come in their best attire and this is alos the time where they can display their wealth in the form of clothes.The clothes the men wear will cost USD$ 1000 to USD$1500 and USD$1200 to USD$ 2000 for women dress.This cloth is wore only once in a year on the occasion like this.Different place have different timing for festival and most famous festival is paro festival,Jambay lhakhang drup and Thimphu Tshechu.

The last day of the festival will be closed by the display of Thongdrel large scroll painting of deities and saints which is believed to liberate people just by a mere glimpse of it.

Paro festival is held in marchth to march 2017.

Thimphu Festival is scheduled to start in October.

Jambay lhakhang drup also in October.

Check Bhutan Festival Schedule 2017 for details.

Check Bhutan Festival Schedule 2018 for details.

All the festival in Bhutan has almost similar activities like chham,archery match, display of Big thongdrel considered to be holy and it is displayed at the last day of the festival,but jambay lhakhang Drup in Bumthang has the most amazing and unique dance called naked dance performed by the monks without wearing any costumes with face covered with mask,this dance is performed publicly  at midnight and includes exotic fire dance which are intended to help childless women conceive. where people from all walks of life with their warm cloths and torch light gathers here in a small ground to witness this peculiar chhams with excitement.

Pilgrimage Tour:

Bhutan is  one of the country in the world where Mahayana Bhudhhism is still prevalent.We have a very special tour which will be handled not by the guide but by the spiritual leader(Guru)who will guide you throughout your trip visiting monasteries,temples and receiving blessing from the Guru filled with wisdom and knowledge.Tourist coming to Bhutan for pilgrimage usually don’t have much of knowledge of do,s and don’t and our spiritual guide will lead you to the places where you will find the most amazing indepth knowledge of Bhudhhism.