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How to book a trip to Bhutan

You first have to fly into Bangkok, Kathmandu, or India to then fly to Paro. There is only 1 airline serving Bhutan, “Druk Air“. Excursion to Himalayas will make the flight arrangement for you, with the visa, and other necessary arrangement. You will need to get to Asia however you normally would or arrange your own flight to Asia.

Please be informed that flights into Bhutan depart only on certain days, we would advise you first to plan your itinerary, find out if there are places on the plane for you, and then reserve the connecting flight to either Bangkok, Delhi or Kathmandu. No travel agent from outside can arrange your flights into Bhutan.
You can write to us or read different trips opr tour itinerary in our website and then decide which trip you want to go for. This will give you an idea of the usual sights visited. There are also treks, depending on time and effort you can decide on a 3 day trek or longer ones.

Another bit of advice, business class on Druk Air is not that much more expensive. You get a more comfortable seat, excellent meals and service, and most important an extra 10kg of luggage. However as you read our testimonial, you’ll see that other people had positive experiences with other places. You’ll absolutely love Bhutan!
You can also make some research on the web and with the Lonely Planet, Bhutan guidebook, which covers most of the areas available to tourists travelling Bhutan.

While you may see large tour groups, or small groups of two, three or four. There are few single travelers with their own guides and drivers. The biggest challenge with two or less is the increased cost – the daily tariff is higher for singles or couples. On the other hand, a customized tour affords you more flexibility both in planning and in traveling, as you can adjust your daily activities to some extent according to the weather or your energy level. This above statement is given here for tips in planning a trip to Bhutan.

Also note that the cost that you have paid to the tour operator covers  superior quality 3 meals a day as per your choice,  veteran driver, and most traveled  guide,  luxurious Transportation within the country ,  world class accommodation , Royalty, Government taxes, sightseeing, visa fee and entrance fees for the museums and monuments only.

While on Trek, the cost covers 3 meals a day [nutrisously calculated], service of cook, Helper, guide, Sleeping Tent, Mess Tent, Kitchen Tent, Toilet Tent, Ponies to carry supplies, Royalty. We will provide you sleeping mats but you have to bring your own sleeping bags. (We use high quality tents like North Face and Mountain Hardware)

Not included in the above cost are Druk Air fares, bar bills, laundry bills, Telephone bills and other bills of personal nature.

Nature of Tour: The Tour will be a  professionally  planed and  customized Tour with personal guide and Driver

Vehicle: We  ride luxurious imported  Cars and buses  especially  designed for mountain road for the Tour.

Guide: We recruit  highly paid  Government certified and licensed guide.

Hotel: We use Government approved Hotels for International Tourists. Hotels in Bhutan are categorized into Class A, B, C and D depending upon the  standard and overall  quality of the services. We use only Class A Hotels.

Druk Air: Druk Air is the only airline that operates in Bhutan. It flies to Dhaka (Bangladesh) Katmandu (Nepal), Kolkotta (India), Delhi (India) and Bangkok (Thailand).  Please iform us  from where you would like to enter Bhutan and where you would like to fly out after your Bhutan trip so that we can send you the cost for Druk Air Tickets.

After the confirmation of the tour you should give us your full names as per your passport so that we can make reservation with the Druk Air.

You need to send the payment for Druk Air ticket along with the Tour payment. We will purchase the Druk Air ticket and the same will be express mailed to you.

Bhutan Visa
Please be informed that no foreign embassies/ Missions/ Agencies can issue Visa for Bhutan except the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan. The Visa form is attached above. Please fill up the form individually and send it back to me. Once we receive the Tour payment + payment for the Druk Air, we will process the Visa. It takes a week to process the Visa. The Visa approval letter/ Visa Clearance letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thimphu Bhutan will be mailed to you. You have to carry this document when you board the Druk Air flight. The actual visa will be stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan.

Passport: A valid passport is required for travel to Bhutan and the validity of the passport should be minimum 6 months.

The Tour/Trek Itinerary and  Visa form will be mailed to you after the confirmed bookings. You need to fill up the visa form and send them back to us to process you visa.If you happen to change anything in the itinerary you are most welcome to do so.We make sure that your stay in Bhutan is comfortable and enjoyable. Dont hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

How to Travel from Germany to Bhutan?

To travel from Germany to Bhutan is very easy. You need to take flight from Germany to any state in India or Nepal. From India to Bhutan we have daily flight from Delhi to Paro which is just 2 and half hours. The flight from Kathmandu to paro is just 50 minutes and you get the extravagant view of Himalayas while taking the flight from Kathmandu.